Video Gaming

Video gaming is the new way to spend time. With a Sony PlayStation 4 and a few PlayStation Accessories, you can turn your boring moments upside down and inject a lot of entertainment into your everyday life. There’s a huge variety of video games available out there. By knowing what to look, and how to make use of these awesome video games, you can enrich your digital gaming experience.

How to Play Video Games

When it comes to playing video games, different people will choose different devices. From the PS3 to the Nintendo Wii, what your best video gaming console is will usually depend on your preferences, and as well what you are looking for. If you are looking for a powerful console that leverages industry-leading processing power and offers ample storage space, you might want to place your bets on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. Another factor that really comes into play when you’re evaluating consoles is whether or not you have a budget. Some consoles are more expensive than others, so you will want to pay some consideration to how deep the hole in your pocket is.

You Buy Games Too

Most video gaming consoles come with a number of launch games that you can get started on right away. But if you’re really looking to unlock your video gaming world and make the best out of each gameplay hour that you spend glued to a screen, you’ll want to invest some money to buy the best video games digitally. You can buy games from the Sony PSN store if you own the PlayStation 3 or 4. Microsoft also has a games store for its Xbox One. You may also be able to purchase your favorite games at Once you have these ready, the next step involves running the various tricks that help make you a video gaming pro. The rest of this blog is all about video gaming tips that’ll sharpen your gaming senses.

When the Miniboss Is More Badass Than the Boss

Being a miniboss is no fun in video games. Though you are no ordinary bullet fodder and most certainly command fear and resect, you are most certainly going to be forgotten once you are done with. The boss is always the target and nobody really pays much attention to minibosses.

Some minibosses, however, break this trend by being way better, more challenging and even more memorable that the level boss. Some even take it all and are way cooler than the ultimate boss. Since such minibosses deserve recognition, here’s a tribute to two of them.

Star Wolf (Star Fox 64)

Andross is the final boss. To get to him one has to go through a fierce Star Wolf team in an all-range dogfight that compels strong aim, sharp maneuvering and impeccable nerves. However when you ultimately get to face Andross, all you have is a giant floating head and a wobbly abstract backdrop. All it takes is flips around his brain before shooting and ending him.

Big Daddies (BioShock)

The giant blue superman is your last boss. The three-part final fight is the games antithesis after an episode of the super-packed game. The entire game with the big daddies before getting to the end is highly creative with dramatic peaks and troughs. The freeform gameplay has uniquely believable simulated environs. However, the ending is bog-standard, and the Super-Atlas doesn’t live up to the standards of the anticipated boss.

Well, that’s what we feel about the bosses in these two games. Of course, there are various other final challenges that didn’t feel so final. We will cover these in future articles.

Video Game Characters Abused

Some video characters are predisposed to take more beatings than others in video games. They get flung off cliffs, stabbed in the goriest of ways, eaten by ruthless monsters and are constantly getting shot at. This is a compilation of the characters who are consistently on the receiving end of video game menace.

Bruce Wayne

Minus the cowl, the batman is often vulnerable to a thorough beat down. As Arkham City begins, Wayne gets his ass handed to him by inmates and guards as well. It is almost heart rendering, but then you remember that he is a multi-billionaire superhero.

The Dark Souls Characters

Regardless of what character you play in dark souls, you will die, a lot. The characters in Dark Souls are constantly receiving blows till you die. Bear in mind that hitting the wrong button or even sidestepping off a cliff has the same unfortunate ending; death. The Avatar character is especially vulnerable. They are beaten, stabbed, smashed, trampled and even burned till they die. And this happens barely an hour into the game!

Nathan Drake

As Uncharted 2 begins, Drake is bloody and badly battered. Besides the torture by baddies, he also has to deal with the biting Himalayas and the sweltering heat in Saudi Arabian deserts. The bad guys give him no break either, they punch him shoot at him and beat him indiscriminately throughout the game

Lara Croft

Tom Raider’s Lara Croft has experienced everything from beatings, stabbings, being shot at and even being masticated by a t-rex! In fact for almost two-thirds of the game Lara is being beaten up. She is always facing punches, battering and even the peril of live burning.

Good Guy Defeated

In most conventional video games, the bad guys are defeated in the end. This is the idealized version of the normal world that video games represent. Life has taught us that eventually good will triumph over evil and everyone will have their happily ever after. Most gamers actually prefer to play video games that follow this type of storyline.

The Badass Finishing First

Not all games follow this line of thought. There are scenarios where good doesn’t win, and evil emerges victorious at the end of the game. In some of these alternate endings, the player may even eventually end the game as a loser. Here, we look at some notable examples where the good guy gets his ass kicked.

  • Singularity– here two bad guys have the fate of the world hanging on the balance. It is possible to kill either or both and whichever decision you make the world still ends in chaos.
  • Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness– the end here is either a draw, M.A.D or a very small win for the good
  • Transformers: The Game– if you chose to play in the deceptecon campaign, Optimus prime is killed, and every electronic device on earth transforms into a deceptecon.
  • Diablo (series) – here bad wins all the way since Diablo possess the hero and implements demon business all along.
  • Red Dead Redemption– well, here the main hero (John Marston) gets gunned down in the end.
  • Halo: Reach– the final victory belongs to humanity, but Reach’s ending is a tragic one.